Guga Alves: Campos Personalizados Like a Pro Conheça o Advanced Custom Fields

Muitos falam bem do Advanced Custom Fields, mas nunca vimos uma palestra que deixe bem claro para todos porque o utilizar, quais seus benefícios e detalhes técnicos sobre este aclamado plugin. Nesta palestra, pretendo elucidar o uso do plugin e mostrar alguns exemplos de boas coisas que podem ser resolvidas com ele de forma simples e rápida.

Kyle Bondo: Monsters of WordPress

The WordPress Multisite — what I call Monster Sites — is an often misunderstood creature.There is plenty of documented reasons why you should never use it, and beyond the knowledge of how to install and administer a Monster Site, there is little understanding of what it should and should not be used for. Often, it is only when a developer ventures into using a Monster Site installation do they find out just why “monster” is an appropriate label. Without proper planning or preparation for its use, a multisite installation can be a disaster waiting to happen. But what if you could prevent a multisite from becoming a monster by knowing why certain configurations work better than others? This is why I would like to approach WordPress Multisite from a strategic point-of-view by illustrating potential strategies, industries those strategies could serve, and some lessons learned in experimenting with some of these strategies. Additionally, I would like to describe these approaches without the interference of heavy, technical details in anticipation of a broad audience. My hope is that I can help start a new conversation regarding a more strategic use of WordPress Multisite and tame Monster Sites once and for all!

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Judi Knight: See One Do One Teach One, Making Website Videos with an iPad

How to create short videos for yourself or your clients with an iPad and a few other supplies. These are great for website mailing list opt-ins or webinar opt-ins on your WordPress websites.
Here are the links to the videos from the presentation.
Link to the completed promo video that I made to demonstrate the editing process:
Link for the video on the editing process:

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