Leslie Stewart and Kelli Wise: There Are No Dumb Questions – QandA With The WordPress Help Twins

” .. every question is a cry to understand the world. There is no such thing as a dumb question” – Carl Sagan

Have a question that hasn’t been answered by one of the presenters today? Or maybe a discussion with one of your new WordPress friends has sparked your curiosity? This is your chance to get answers, explanations, or just a good laugh from the WordPress Help Twins. Feel free to ask your questions, the WordPress Twins want to help.

John Locke: Plugins Part 1 – iThemes Security

Security is an important part of keeping your website safe and minimizing risk to your business. Since WordPress powers one in four websites, it is an appealing target for malicious hackers. While no site is 100% un-hackable, there are things you can do to deter malicious attacks to your own site. One of these steps is to use a security plugin to harden your site. iThemes Security is one of the most popular security plugins, with over 600,000 active installs. In this talk, we’ll go through the major features this plugin offers, and how you can use it to keep your own site more secure.

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Nolan Erck: Git Source Control – For The Rest Of Us

Most “Intro to Git” presentations assume the user does source control management via the command line. However, for a lot of people — like front-end developers that came from a Photoshop background who are doing HTML/CSS work — that’s simply not the case. If you’re a designer or developer using WordPress and aren’t using GIT, or you’ve ever asked the question, “how to use a GUI tool to start learning Git?” then this session is for you.

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