Katie Wilkerson: Make Ads Great Again

Do you hate ads? Of course you do – not only are they insanely confusing to implement, they’re junking up your beautiful website! Alas, they’re a necessary evil. Rather than blindly dropping in ad scripts and praying something happens, let’s talk about how we can better understand some fundamental concepts and strategies for ad integration.

In “Make Ads Great Again,” we’ll develop a better appreciation for how important a correct ad integration is for the success of your WordPress site and how we can actually make them contribute to your site aesthetic.

Mitch Canter: WordPress Development with Vagrant, VVV, and VV

The day I discovered Vagrant was the day that I changed the way I worked. I went from fighting with server setups and local development boxes to seamlessly creating sites that fit in with my own workflow. But Vagrant by itself, while good, won’t get you there alone.

That’s where VVV – a WordPress development environment – comes in. VVV comes pre-equipped with all of the tools, bells, and whistles needed to streamline your development environment.

Mitch will walk you through the setup of Vagrant, commands and tips to help you get the most out of Vagrant, and other applications (VVV Dashboard and VV) that help you use VVV to its full potential.

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Joe Ponzio : Understanding the (Lack Of) Limitations of WordPress

We all know that it’s not “just a blogging platform” anymore, but how do you handle client concerns when those “other” guys are pitching a more expensive “solution” and knocking you for pitching WordPress?

In this talk, Joe Ponzio will discuss the differences and limitations of WordPress with concrete examples of some of the amazing things that those “other” guys just don’t know how to do in WordPress. You’ll learn when WordPress is the right solution for your website (hint: it usually is) and when it’s not. We’ll shatter some misconceptions along the way and uncover how the guts of WordPress are the same guts those “other” guys are proposing, they just don’t want to understand it.