Harshad Mane: WordPress compatibility and cultivating community development

Compatibility is a cornerstone of WordPress, unfortunately, not something nearly enough community members take seriously, whether its contributing to core, plugin, theme or even organizing meetups.

Harshad Mane’s talk would focus on all aspects of how to make your plugin, theme, and your local community compatible with WordPress.

Harshad would like to share his thoughts on how to make things/people work together without conflict(s) building a healthy community.

Jitesh Patil: Adding starter content to themes with WordPress 4.7

With WordPress 4.7, the concept of adding starter content to themes has been introduced.

Jitesh will conduct his session in Marathi, and help you get an overview of starter content. How it can help provide a great experience to your theme users.

So if you are a someone who is getting your hands dirty with creating themes and prefer Marathi, you might want to catch Jitesh’s talk.

Avadhoot Kulkarni: वर्डप्रेस आणि रिमोट काम (WordPress and Remote Work)

Avadhoot loves marketing and has been an evangelist of remote work for more than 2.5 years now.

He has been fortunate to serve clients across the globe (USA, Middle East, South East Asia) from his comforting home-office and/or coffee shops in Pune, India.

In his experience, as a remote worker, he is happier and more productive. He has also noticed that his communication skills have improved and he has been able to convey more in fewer words since started to work remotely.

At WordCamp Pune, Avadhoot will discuss remote work. Mainly he’ll cover:

Reasons to choose remote work
Asynchronous communication
Skills to be developed for productive remote work
Also, he looks forward to a discussion about how a business can go from 100% office to office -remote and eventually 100% remote.

This will include tools that can be used and approach to be developed for better and effective remote work.