Jen Miller : Local SEO – Creating Website Content That Matters Regionally

It’s 2017 and many clients would rather pay for short-term paid advertising to attract leads than invest in the long game of search engine optimized content marketing. However, if you’ve been paying attention, you know that Siri, Alexa, Cortana and others have changed the way clients reach for products, creating increased demand for local search. Evolution in semantic search has broadened related keyword terms, giving more value to alternate phrases in search and resulting in more emphasis being place on area keywords. Website developers must adjust their workflow to assist clients in creating local, relevant content to deliver findability results to their clients. As businesses use advertising and organic search in audience targeting, more closely-matched real audiences and, more importantly, real revenue increases. Customers who are local tend to refer more often and become repeat buyers. While locality is not all that matters when curating content, it places a large role in whether the content will be seen by a large regional audience. In this talk I will share how website creators can change client results by recognizing the impact consistency, social promotion, relevancy, area-sensitive keywords and quality writing play in converting generalized text into content that matters. Further, I will explain how local blog posts and page content rise to fit that need and can extend as podcasts, videos and more to appeal to alternate search tools, such as YouTube, iTunes and Yelp.

Ted K’: Você realmente sabe desenvolver seus sites em WordPress?

“- A sim, eu sei ‘programar para WordPress’”! Parabéns, você falou isso certo. SQN! Vou mostrar como iniciei no WordPress, desafios que tive e tudo que há de novo no WordPress. Mas não para por ai. Sai de desenvolvedor para gestor de equipe e hoje tenho uma grande equipe pelo Brasil a fora desenvolvendo os sites em WordPress.

Panel Discussion: WordPowerment – Practical Approaches to Diversity and Empowerment in the WordPress Community

Protecting diversity, empowering oneself and ones colleagues are difficult are challenging career questions that we all face at some point during our professional lives. As WordPress professionals, we are lucky that, in addition to our communities as freelancers, agencies or publishers, the larger WordPress community serves as a support network when we face these challenges. The goal of this panel is to bring together professionals from different sectors of the WordPress community to share their experiences facing questions of diversity and empowerment in the WP community.

David Lockie: How to Grow from Freelancer to Agency Owner

Taking that first step from working as a freelancer to making your first hire and becoming an agency is an exciting but daunting step. In this talk I will explain how I accidentally started an agency and strategically grew my WordPress specialist agency from myself to over 40 people over the course of 5 years with minimum staff turnover.
I will cover:

How and when to make hires
Where to find new employees (from developers to operations)
How to create a company culture
How you can ensure your employees are on board for the long run