Dre Armeda: How Transition Can Empower Your Business – Part 1

Dre Armeda, veteran and successful businessman, will give WordCamp San Diego’s keynote talk on Sunday April 15th at 11:00am. This talk will allow you to not only listen to his experiences, but also dive into your own, as you experience your own transition.

In his words:

“I certainly want to bridge stories about my military career, how that was a foundation of learning and persistence, and how it lead me to my experiences in business, entrepreneurship and so on. Embracing change and understanding pivots are necessary.”

Kitty Lusby: Don’t Take That Client

Freelancers and agency owners, does this sound familiar? You don’t have enough money to pay your bills. You have a few clients, but you’re rushing projects and doing less than your best work because you don’t have enough time to find new work AND complete the projects to which you’re already committed at the same time. As much as you’d like to charge more for your work, nobody takes you seriously because you’ve only done small, cheap projects so far.

This is what happens when you accept the wrong clients. Most of us think we have to start at the bottom with low paying jobs and work our way to the top, yet that approach leaves us broke and stuck. In this session, we’ll talk about which clients you should turn down, which you should target, and how to command twice your current rate without needing an impressive portfolio.

Ellen Goodwin: How to be The Action Hero of Your Own Life

Action Heroes are known for their ability to size up a situation and do whatever it takes to overcome their obstacles and be successful. As designers, bloggers and consultants there is a constant need for dedicated action, yet distractions, lack of focus and just plain daily craziness stop the needed forward momentum.

In this fun, fast moving presentation we look at how to become the Action Hero of Your Own Life by overcoming those distractions, building stronger habits, developing ironclad self-control, and employing laser focus. All of which enable you to overcome your obstacles and master your day.

By the time you leave this presentation you’ll know:
The importance and power of being in action and why it’s easier than you think
How habits are your secret weapon when it comes to having stronger will power and self-control
The four types of procrastination and how to consistently conquer them
Easy ways to leverage dedicated focus to do more with less time

Jamie Schmid: Making Security Make Sense to Users & Clients

As someone who builds WordPress websites for clients, you’ve probably learned that offering (or requiring) monthly maintenance contracts is smart business. It’s likely you’re including core software, plugin and theme updates as part of your maintenance plan, which ensures a steady income stream you can rely on and helps with your financial forecasting. But are you including website security as part of your project proposal and scope? The security of your clients’ websites is often not a priority or is left till the end of a project (or sale?) as an optional add-on for the client to consider after going live. The value of a strong website security posture can be difficult to explain to clients, but when put in the context of their business and possible loss of revenue, it can become an integral part of your offering that separates you from the rest. In this session, Jamie will cover simple website security best practices that you can implement immediately for your own site and those of your clients. In addition, she’ll also offer advice and examples on how to best present the importance of website security during the proposal, scope, and maintenance package stages to your clients. Not only does this ensure your maintenance plans offer what every website needs, but also presents an additional revenue stream opportunity for your business.