Sarah Nicklin: Before You Hit Publish – SEO Techniques For Content Optimization

Almost all WordPress users publish content or blogs on their website, but most don’t know how make this content surface at the top of page one on Google.

This presentation will cover some of the most important on-page content optimization techniques including:

– Title tag optimization.
– Heading tag hierarchy and optimization.
– Topic focusing, structuring and optimization.
– Optimizing for featured snippet and PAA (people also ask) results.
– markup and Internal linking

This presentation is designed to follow Arsen’s talk, our goal is to educate the expose the audience to all aspects of search engine optimization.

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Pascal Birchler: Internationalisation in the Age of Gutenberg

As software engineers and designers we need to make sure that our solutions can be used by as many people as possible. One important factor for this is internationalisation.

With tools and best practices rapidly changing, and new solutions like Gutenberg emerging, it’s time to look at how to properly internationalise and localise modern web applications.

In this presentation, I’m going to explain the concept behind internationalisation, localisation, and why we need to do more than just “making things translatable”.

I will highlight existing tools, interfaces, and best practices to get internationalisation right in the UIs we create and the code we write, no matter if it’s PHP, HTML, CSS, or JavaScript.”

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Helen Rittersporn: 12 Lessons from Daily Blogging

1200 Days blogging in a row and still going . . .

If the idea of blogging on a regular basis is elusive and/or how you sustain blogging ideas, then this WordCamp Birmingham Presentation is for you – “12 Lessons from Daily Blogging for over 1200 Days & Still Counting” by Helen Rittersporn, PMP.

We will look at insights of what Helen has learned one really needs to understand with navigating the WordPress Dashboard along with having something to blog about – the goal is to minimize staring at a blank screen when blogging!

This presentation adds insights since her previous WordCamp Wilmington Presentations “Top 9 Lessons from Daily Blogging for over 900 Days & Still Counting” from 2017, and “Lessons from daily blogging for over 600 days & still counting” from 2016.

Her blog, Anchored Scraps, encourages old-style correspondence letter writing.

Helen will be celebrating her 1,200 daily blog post of consecutive posting on June 9, 2018. Her Third Year Anniversary of blogging daily was on February 26, 2018, since launching AnchoredScraps on February 26, 2015!

Whether you are a first time WordCamp attendee or a returning WordCamp enthusiast this presentation will help inspire you to increase your blogging frequency with confidence!