Emerson Jeffries: You’re Doing It All WRONG: How to Restructure Your Business to Generate Sales Online

When you think of business structure, you may think of a business or financial plan. Although both of these documents are great, they still don’t necessarily give you a clear visual to generate sales and attract potential customers to purchase your products and/or services.

In this session, I will discuss how to transform and market your business on the web creating a name for yourself online. This strategy has been proven to generate sales and you’ll be guaranteed a successful online presence.

Matthew Perkins: 5 Ways to Grow Your Agency in 1 Year

This talk is about 5 changes that we made as an agency from the time I arrived to today that have helped us grow our revenues and maintain a healthy income stream. They’re simple changes that help you work with the right clients for your agency. The ultimate goal is to stop chasing bad leads, getting bad clients, and keep consistent revenue coming so you’re not working project to project.

Tessa Kriesel: Configuration Management: WordPress Configuration in Code

Problem: You have a team of developers and you all work locally pushing up to one central development environment. Your client has been adding content to your live environment while your team is working away on other features. Your client decides they want to add calendar functionality to the site, which you can easily do with a plugin. However, configuring this plugin requires database changes. If you make any changes to your database, or even the development environment database, you are going to have to go make those changes again on the live site since they already have content in the site and you can’t copy over that entire database.

UGH! There has got to be a better way! We have all been in this situation more than once. So how do we get out of this situation?!

Solution: Configuration Management! We will talk about what configuration management is and how you can start to use it in your current workflow. We will also talk about WordPress plugins that make our lives easier by using similar methodologies.

Kim Kaiser: Don’t Shard Your Pants! A WordPress / Amazon Domain Sharding Solution for Images

Web browsers limit the number of active connections for each domain, but browsers distinguish domains by name rather than by IP address. Domain sharding, in which content is split across multiple subdomains, may drastically improve the user experience of slow page load times for image-heavy pages, but only if your server has sufficient bandwidth. Uploading content to Amazon S3 and using CloudFront to serve images from multiple subdomains has been shown to be an effective way to use domain sharding. In addition, when images are uploaded to S3, a Node.js script is triggered which creates thumbnails and the larger web versions of the full sized, high resolution images. The final step happens during the creation of a WordPress custom post type, where the domain sharding is actually applied.

Allison Tarr: Field Guide to Caring for a Developer v2.0

Surrounded by constant workflow advancements, new frameworks, and version updates, tech culture often makes exhaustion a badge of honour. How do we best take care of ourselves when faced with obstacles like burnout, isolation, and uncertainty?

Whether you’re a remote employee, freelancer, or working within a larger tech team, striving towards a greater understanding of mental health supports the sustainability of both individuals and the industry as a whole. In this talk, I’ll discuss my own lived experience as well as examine the state of mental health awareness within tech.