Truston Ailende: How to run a WordPress site on AWS

Cloud Computing is one of those aspects of computing that seems shrouded in mystery.

Most Web Developers desire to control every aspect of their hosting environments but get scared at the prospect of learning Cloud Computing.

This session will teach absolute beginners how to signup for an AWS account, purchase a domain name, configure a WordPress cloud image and manage a WordPress website running on Amazon Web Services.

Lekan Adepoju: WordPress is better when you can code

I will be sharing my experience on how learning even a little bit of code can make WordPress even easier to use as well create more unique designs and also overcome road blocks while making you productive. This talk sheds more light on why WordPress is available to all. There are a lot of people out there writing series of code to make WordPress as simple as it is and easy to use. Hence, learning to code just to make WordPress even better isn’t a bad idea at all.

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