Thomas Hurd: How do you create the (almost) perfect multilingual website?

In 2017 Thomas spoke about how to plan a multilingual design site properly based on User Experience principles and some common sense (that perhaps wasn’t so common). This time around, he will show you how to setup a best practice multilingual site using WordPress. During his talk he will cover design, content, technical, and SEO considerations, among others.

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Jenny Wong: Getting ready for PHP7.2

At the State of the Word, it was announced that one of the upcoming focuses of the WordPress project is raising the minimum version requirement of PHP.

WordPress core is already PHP7.2 compatible but are your plugins and themes?

In this talk, Jenny will be looking at the steps needed to check if plugins and themes are compatible, and the lessons learned from doing the steps.

Are you PHPrepared?

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Jaakko Alajoki: Environmentally friendly WordPress development

Data centers in the U.S. use more than 90 billion kilowatt-hours of electricity a year. That requires roughly 34 giant coal-powered plants. What can a single developer do to make more energy efficient code? I will go through a series of not-so-serious experiments showing how various implementations made with Raspberry PI web server and power meter affect power consumption. How much energy does enabling WordPress caching save? What about optimizing queries? I will tell.

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Николай Чочев: Как да изградим успешен онлайн магазин на WordPress

Ще бъдат представени основните и най-важни плъгини и стратегии, нужни за успешното изграждане на един онлайн магазин на WordPress, най-важни стъпки за маркетингово развитие на магазина, последвани с реални маркетинг примери от 10 годишния ми опит в изграждането на уеб сайтове и онлайн магазини и накрая ще се завърши с няколко бързи трика за бърза SEO оптимизация без много познания.