Josepha Haden Chomposy: Fireside Chat- Fostering Collaboration Across Cultures

As more people across the world start using WordPress, the more we will all start to work with people that have different world views. There’s nowhere that makes that more clear than in the global WordPress community. Join Josepha, the new Executive Director of WordPress, for an interactive discussion of learning to work across cultures, whether in a single office or across the globe.

Kathy Drewien: Steps for Dealing with Difficult Clients

Ah, clients—we need them, we crave them. WordPress consultants and freelancers mostly live in attraction mode, constantly building a vibrant roster of sweet-spot clients. But not every client is a good client. So while you’re courting new relationships, beware of the challenging types of clients almost never worth the trouble.

After this session attendees will be able to:

– Identify danger signals before engagement
– Learn 5 steps for handling difficult clients
– Discover how to politely fire a challenging client
– How to prevent future nightmare clients

Kerry Wolfe: Enhancing The Customer Experience Through Personalization

This session is for Website Developers and Designers who are looking to provide a more personalized customer experience. The tools and technologies have advanced now to the point where, with a little work and patience, you can provide a personalized customer experience that speaks directly to your customers’ needs and desires on an individual, customer-by-customer basis. No more one-size-fits-all.

We’ll review, on a high level, the tools and strategies you can begin to implement today to attract and build a loyal customer base by providing each customer with a REMARKABLE, personalized customer experience.