Jill Binder: What Is The Diverse Speaker Workshop?

Have you ever had trouble getting women and other underrepresented groups to speak at your meetups and WordCamps? The Diverse Speaker Training group (#wpdiversity) has a 4-hour, hands-on, effective workshop that busts through impostor syndrome and gets folks ready to start speaking. Here is a description of what it is and what impact we’ve already made with it. Before signing up to run it, make sure that it is right for you.

Jessica St. Peter: How to Keep Your Clients Engaged, Excited and On Track Through Their Website Project

Are you struggling to keep your clients on-track and interested through their website project? Do you often experience scope creep, late payments and the dreaded Never-Ending-Project?
Learn how to use and create processes, workflows and systems to put your projects on autopilot and nurture your clients through the entire web design process, get them excited and have them singing your praises!

Matt Graham and Michelle Ames: Page Builders in the age of Gutenberg

From the brains of @themattyg comes a panel discussion on the use of page builders now that Gutenberg is in core. Joining us will be @MichelleAmes and guests yet to be announced!

Questions that could be touched on:

What does Gutenberg solve that Page Builders don’t? Vice Versa?Should page builders continue to be their own interface or adapt and integrate into Gutenberg as a collection of blocks?Why would a user want to use both a page builder and Gutenberg on the same site? Would they want to?Should developers focus on developing for page builders, Gutenberg or neither?How are you using Gutenberg today? How are you using page builders today?How do we change our approach to building sites for clients, when they have this new level of control?When starting a new WordPress site, what considerations would you take when choosing between a page builder, Gutenberg or the classic editor? Which one would you choose?If you already use a page builder on your site, would you consider switching to Gutenberg?