Maja Benke: Accessible Content

Writing and creating content for people to enjoy your content is the intention, but is this content accessible for everyone? What should you consider before pressing the publish button? Maja will explain what accessible content means and how to create content that everyone can access, including best practices for text, links, video, images, and structure. She will also share insights on how Gutenberg supports creating accessible content.

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Torsten Landsiedel: Special Characters and Where to Find Them

There are 23 official languages within the European Union and many, if not all, of them have special characters. In German, for example, there are Umlauts (“üöä”) and the “ß”; and in other languages, there are more. Many characters exist in a pre-composed version and as a combination of two characters. Using the two-character version can lead to a broken search, broken spell check, broken transliteration for the slug, and broken images if this happens in a filename in combination with some server configuration and browsers.

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Juliette Reinders Folmer: For the Love of Code – Modernising WordPress, Plugins, and Themes

Now that WordPress has committed to a minimum requirement of PHP 7 by the end of 2019, we can all start looking at modernising the code we maintain. Removing hacks to support old versions is easy, but how can code be improved when it just works on PHP 7? Namespaces, generators, Intl are just a few of the features introduced since PHP 5.2, not to mention scalar type declarations and all the other awesomeness that came with PHP 7. But what does it all mean, and how can you take advantage of these goodies? Join Juliette to learn to identify where to make quick fixes, when to look into refactoring, and how to make your code faster, better and more secure by using modern PHP.

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Dee Teal: Working a World Apart: Navigating Remote Working Professional Relationships

Dee has been using WordPress as a blogger since 2008, as a web developer since 2009, and has transitioned to being a Project Manager (PM) for large-scale WordPress projects as a ‘Human’ with Human Made where she leads their team of PMs.

Dee is a huge fan of the WordPress community, organises WordPress events in Australia, and speaks at them whenever she gets the opportunity, both at home and around the world.