Linda Gunn: How to Scale: From Solopreneur to WP Agency Owner

This talk is aimed at freelancing WordPress professionals and small WordPress agencies who want to grow their business into something bigger than a one-man band. Linda Gunn shares her story and lessons she’s learned over the decades – focusing on hiring staff, managing stress and creating processes to set yourself up for success as a scalable WordPress agency.

Linda began her company in her living room in the 1980s, as a single mother who needed to find a way to take care of her children. Now, her WordPress agency has 35 full-time employees working out of a beautiful two-story office in North Long Beach.

Mesa redonda: State of the Dev

La mesa de debate de esta edición contará con la participación de cuatro profesionales y miembros de la comunidad WordPress. Ellos son: Sonia Ruiz, Marta Torre, David Perálvarez y Fran Torres.

Todos y cada uno, desde su experiencia, analizarán y debatirán sobre los retos actuales y futuros del desarrollo web, dentro del proyecto de código abierto más utilizado a nivel global: WordPress.

En resumen, esperamos que la programación del sábado de esta primera WordCamp para desarrolladores Sevilla 2019, cumpla las expectativas de los más exigentes y sea útil para el crecimiento y conocimiento del desarrollo web con WordPress.

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Christine Laikind: SEO And Accessibility – How they Work Together

While it is important to understand where SEO and accessibility (a11y) overlap in order to optimize correctly for both, it is important to note that optimizing for one is not necessarily akin to optimizing for the other. In other words, if you’ve optimized a page for search engines, it does not necessarily mean you made it accessible and visa versa. What it is very important to UNDERSTAND that there IS overlap – and if you understand the overlap, you can successfully optimize for both.

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WordPress 5.3 “Kirk”

Version 5.3 of WordPress is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. The new editor continues to become more refined with intuitive interactions, a focus on accessibility, and a more consistent look & feel. A fresh new default theme is shipping with this release too, that puts blocks to good use and lets all users have more control over how their content appears.

Roy Sivan: WordPress in Enterprise, Is It Possible? (Do You Want It to Be?)

Everyone wants more enterprise clients, right? Seemingly endless budgets, cool projects, and on time payment of invoices without any question … or is that just a myth?

Roy Sivan talks about his experience(s) using WordPress in the enterprise sector, and what that looks like as a full-time employee, as well as what it may look like for a contractor / consultant. There are many great reasons to work with enterprise, but there are some things you should know first.

Matty Cohen: Distributed Team Leadership – How we get things done

Leading distributed teams can be complex, when looking from the outside. With the future of work being a distributed work culture, leading teams across the globe are now more relevant than ever before.

I’ll share a few principles, tips, and tools I’ve used while leading distributed teams since 2011, as well as starting points for applying a distributed leadership culture to your team and/or business.

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