Amirul Nordin: Google Tag Manager untuk Marketer (Edisi WordPress)

GTM merupakan salah satu tool yang sangat berguna untuk digital marketer terutamanya yang bukan daripada latar belakang developers (a.k.a tidak tahu coding).

Ia dapat memudahkan anda untuk menguruskan tag (seperti Facebook Pixel & GA tracking code) di dalam website anda. Namun, jika tersilap setting, banyak perkara yang akan terjejas.

Di dalam perbentangan ini, anda akan didedahkan mengenai:

– Bagaimana GTM berfungsi.
– Kelebihan menggunakan GTM.
– Cara mudah untuk Install GTM di WordPress.
– Panduan mencipta dan menyusun stuktur akaun GTM (Best practices).
– GTM Use Case (Simple to Advance).

Chris Ford: Practical Project Management Tips

Chris Ford, a project manager at Reaktiv Studios, likes to think of the process she’s been developing at Reaktiv Studios as “Practical Project Management”. Most of Chris’ project management experience was learned in the School of Hard Knocks, using trial and error to learn what works (and more importantly what doesn’t) through 13 years of running a freelance design business.

In this 10 minute lightning talk she’s going share 10 practical project management tips you can put into action as soon as you get back to work.

Jason Bahl, Muhammed Muhsin: Using WordPress With Static Site Generators

Static sites (or JAMstack sites) are all the rage now. In this talk, I want to discuss why you need to consider Static Site Generators like Gatsby. Are they eating up WordPress’ market share? How can WordPress stay relevant in this age of Gatsby and other SSGs? I will talk about my personal experiences using WordPress with Gatsby.

A few lessons and tips will be shared for anyone deciding to use WordPress as a Headless CMS for their static sites.

Shaan Nicol: Building the Perfect Service Business Website

How the Right Design Will Turn Researchers Into Buyers. In this talk, I will walk you through a purposeful user flow for your agency or service-based client websites. An ideal purposeful flow pattern begins at Home, directs visitors to a page focused on positioning, then too focused services pages, then case studies, and finally, to a CTA.

Chance Strickland: Structuring Modern WordPress Sites for Scale – Part 2

WordPress as a platform is growing and changing at a pace we haven’t seen in quite some time. This evolution presents huge opportunities for taking WordPress and our projects to new heights, but change can be hard to navigate. This workshop will showcase some of the different approaches we might take to building resilient, scalable and forward-looking sites on WordPress (including headless!). By the end you should understand how to set a solid foundation for your projects and feel more confident about the work you deliver to your team or your clients.