Sabrina Zeidan: How to build lean SaaS App with WordPress Multisite

What comes to your mind when you think about technical requirements for successful SaaS company? Should it be lean and easy-to-build, but ready for continuous improvement? Should it have wide opportunities for customization but still be reliable and stay under the control? Should it be powerful and scalable, but still really easy to manage? We’ll see how to build such kind of Software-as-a-Service application using WordPress Multisite, from scratch.

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Simranjeet Kaur: Strategies for Creating Content and SEO on WordPress

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I would like to talk about Content writing and SEO. Being a Happiness Engineer at Automattic, I have experience with the issues and trouble bloggers come across. So I would love to share some strategies on creating content and SEO with the audience.

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Néstor Angulo de Ugarte: I’ve been hacked! So, now, what??

The most 3 typical questions that people ask to me when they realize that I work in the cybersecurity world are:

– How to know if I’ve been hacked
– What to do when this (s**t) happens
– How I can avoid it.

By displaying a little “horror gallery” with some examples gathered during the years I’ve been working at Sucuri, I will show how a hacked site looks like, helping hopefully to train a little bit your eyes to know where to look at, and some tips to help to detect anomalies ASAP. Once something bad is detected, there is a recommended checklist of countermeasures to fight against them and avoid future re-infections. Let’s connect the dots of the perfect triangle of Security: Monitoring, Incident Response and Prevention.

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James M Hall, Simon Townsend, Kodai Tamura: Using WordPress as a Content Management and Comment Site

At Iwate University we use WordPress as both a content management system and commenting site to give student-teachers feedback on their lessons in our English teacher education programs. We call this system our Lesson Study APP (LS APP). This presentation will be done workshop-style: we will first conduct a demonstration lesson and participants will be able to write comments into the site giving feedback to the teacher This is called lesson study. After that, the presenters will show the plugins and WordPress site setup that enables them to use it as a tool for lesson study. Lastly, they will present some technical issues they would like to overcome to make the site more functional. The presenters will speak in English but are bilingual so participants can use either Japanese or English.

岩手大学の英語の教員養成プログラムでは、ワードプレスがCMSと学生の授業力を向上させるためのツールとして使われている。このシステムを「LS APP」とよぶ。この発表をワークショップ形式で行う。前半では、発表者は授業者になり、模擬授業を行う。参加者に、授業を体験してもらいながら、「授業研究のサイト」に、その授業についてのコメントを書いてもらう。これは、授業研究という。 その後、発表者は、授業研究の機能を与えるワードプレスサイトの仕組みと活用しているプラグインを見せます。 最後に、LS APPをより良くするために、乗り越えたいテクニカルな問題を紹介する。

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Ana García López: What does it take to be among the fastest growing WordPress local communities?

In just 3 years Spain has become the second most active country for local WordPress events, preceded only by the US. Meetups increased from 9 to 52 and the number of local WordCamps reached the amazing number of nine in 2018. This all happened on a territory smaller than the state of Texas. Having the opportunity to witness this amazing community growth from within I felt humbled and inspired. In this talk I will share how the active engagement of inspired local individuals, the support of companies from the WordPress ecosystem and the know-how taken from the global WordPress community has shaped this success story. I believe that the lessons we learnt in Spain can be beneficial for the growth of the Japanese WordPress community too.

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Toro_Unit (Hiroshi Urabe): 本当にだれにでもできる、WordPress をよりよいものにする方法。

昨年の11月、WordPress 5.0のリリース直前に、日本語入力に関する大きな不具合が発生しました。その修正についてバグレポーター・テスターという形で貢献する機会がありました。


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Masami Sugiura: 初心者向け!WordPressで始めるアフィリエイト




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