Roy Sivan: WordPress in Enterprise, Is It Possible? (Do You Want It to Be?)

Everyone wants more enterprise clients, right? Seemingly endless budgets, cool projects, and on time payment of invoices without any question … or is that just a myth?

Roy Sivan talks about his experience(s) using WordPress in the enterprise sector, and what that looks like as a full-time employee, as well as what it may look like for a contractor / consultant. There are many great reasons to work with enterprise, but there are some things you should know first.

Matty Cohen: Distributed Team Leadership – How we get things done

Leading distributed teams can be complex, when looking from the outside. With the future of work being a distributed work culture, leading teams across the globe are now more relevant than ever before.

I’ll share a few principles, tips, and tools I’ve used while leading distributed teams since 2011, as well as starting points for applying a distributed leadership culture to your team and/or business.

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Pam Aungst: Technical SEO Checklist: How to Optimize a WordPress Site for Search Engine Crawlers

In this session, attendees will learn how to optimize WordPress sites for important technical SEO best practices. All levels of technical optimizations will be covered from basic to intermediate to advanced, including both traditional optimizations that have been around for a long time, as well as newer modern SEO optimizations including AMP and Schema markup. We will walk through a checklist of important technical SEO best practices, and I will highlight our favorite SEO plugins, tools, and resources along the way.

Kathy Zant: The Hacking Mindset: How Beating WordPress Hackers Taught Me to Overcome Obstacles & Innovate

Learning to think like a hacker in the security realm is a big part of keeping your assets safe, and there are additional benefits. In this session, Kathy will use the stories of defeating hackers to help you make better security decisions. She’ll also illustrate how the hacker mindset is much more than protecting your site and information. Thinking like a hacker can also help you break through perceived limitations, overcome obstacles, and capitalize on opportunities to innovate.