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  • [Giveaway] Win 1 of 3 WP RSS Aggregator Pro Plans
    This week you in with a chance to win 1 of 3 completely FREE Pro Plans from WP RSS Aggregator with a value of over $400!All licenses include access to five premium add-ons plus premium support and updates for a year. ... read more
    Source: WP MayorPublished on 2019-09-16
  • How to Create a Clean & Bold Product Page with Divi’s WooCommerce Modules (Free Download!)
    Bold product pages have a special way of drawing your visitors’ attention. And with Divi’s new WooCommerce Modules update, you can quickly turn your old product page into a clean and bold one that both you and your visitors are going to love. In today’s tutorial, we’ll recreate a bold ... read more
    Source: Elegant ThemesPublished on 2019-09-15
  • Top Social Stories WordPress Plugin
    Plenty of webmasters rely on social networking websites to drive tons of traffic to their sites. By analyzing the popularity of your articles on Twitter, Facebook, and other social networks, you can get a better idea on topics you should cover more on your site. The Top Social Stories WordPress ... read more
    Source: WP SolverPublished on 2019-09-15
  • 15 Free Calligraphy Fonts for Every Occasion
    Are you looking for a unique font to add to your designs? A calligraphy font might be just what you need. With plenty of free calligraphy fonts available online, you can easily add a little extra something to your projects. Calligraphy lettering comes in many different styles, from neat and ... read more
    Source: Elegant ThemesPublished on 2019-09-15
  • 5 Attractive WooCommerce Sliders
    WooCommerce makes it easy to bring your store online and sell digital and physical products. There are already plenty of themes that can give your shop a more attractive look. Thanks to these 5 WooCommerce sliders, you will be able to promote your latest offers in a more eye-catching fashion: ... read more
    Source: WP SolverPublished on 2019-09-14
  • Divi Child Themes for Churches
    Divi is a great choice for building websites for Churches. Divi has everything you need to display information about the Church, service times, the pastors, events, media, and lots more. Fortunately, you don’t have to build a Church website from scratch. There are several Divi child themes for Churches available ... read more
    Source: Elegant ThemesPublished on 2019-09-14
  • How to Install and Run a Community Forum with Discourse
    If you are looking to run a forum, community, or membership site, you have a lot of options. bbPress, BuddyPress, even Patreon. However, if you haven’t taken a look at running a Discourse community, we want to take a moment to show you how it can be done. A lot ... read more
    Source: Elegant ThemesPublished on 2019-09-14
  • How to Create a Minimal Product Page with Divi’s WooCommerce Modules (Free Download!)
    Divi’s new WooCommerce Modules update has been long-awaited and now that it’s here, the possibilities to customize product pages have become endless. Today, we’ll show you how to use Divi’s built-in options and the new WooCommerce Modules to create a customized minimal product page that you can reuse for all ... read more
    Source: Elegant ThemesPublished on 2019-09-13
  • Multi Scheduler: Appointment Booking & Schedule Plugin
    Here is another plugin that lets manage bookings on your website conveniently. Multi Scheduler for WordPress can be used for client scheduling, event booking and everything in between. It can be used by any business that accepts appointments. The plugin simply lets your visitors select who they want to book ... read more
    Source: WP SolverPublished on 2019-09-13
  • Weekly WordPress News: Gutenberg for Full-Site Editing?
    This week, we get a first look at the new Twenty Twenty theme that we mentioned in last week’s news roundup and you can also check out a prototype of how Gutenberg might be used for full-site editing. Other than that, Google added some new alternatives to “nofollow” and we ... read more
    Source: WP LiftPublished on 2019-09-13
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