Amy Hall : Ecommerce and Email: How to get more ecommerce sales with email

Building eCommerce websites for your clients is a good niche for any WordPress Developer. But once the site is built, the goal is for sales. Setting up eCommerce Email Marketing can not only add value to your offering, but help your client get more sales.

In this talk, we will break down three key types of email subscribers: interested, engaged and lapsed. More importantly, will open up the dialog with the attendees so they get actionable tips to bring to their clients Monday morning.

Feel free to ask how eCommerce can be optimized with welcome emails, product promotions, abandoned cart sequences, transactional emails, page triggers, upsells, email coupons, birthday specials, re-engagement campaigns, and newsletters. You will want to bring your real-world questions and a notepad for this session for sure.

Nikki Kriss: Email Is Insecure, but You Don’t Have to Be

While email is inexpensive and has a high ROI, it is also the most insecure marketing channel. Learn the best practices to send email securely that will help you protect your customer’s data, your data, your reputation, and ensure more of your emails get read by the right people at the right time.

In this session, you’ll learn what customer data is safe to send via email, how to tell email clients (like gmail) that you are who you say you are, the basics of segmentation and automation, and be able to apply those things immediately in your email marketing efforts.

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Lydia Roberts: Email Marketing in a Flash

You might have a newsletter signup box sitting on your website, or maybe just a nagging feeling that you should send out a newsletter to your customers — but you’re afraid your efforts might be wasted. Learn some quick tips about email marketing and get the confidence to push Send! I’ll talk about what makes email marketing an amazing tool for business, and you’ll get tips for structuring your email marketing program to be useful for your customers instead of “just another newsletter” cluttering their inbox.

Take aways:

– Why email is relevant to you and your customers.
– How to best take advantage of email.
– Tips for improving your email list, layout, and sending habits.

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