Gennaro Cuofano: Ok Google, fai parlare i miei contenuti! Fare SEO ai tempi della ricerca vocale

Nell’era della ricerca vocale, i contenuti assumono forme diverse. Oggi entrare sulla prima pagina di Google non è il mindset vincente.

Per fare in modo che Google faccia parlare i tuoi contenuti devi pensare in maniera strategica. Non importa se hai un piccolo blog e stai cercando di competere con siti già autorevoli e affermati.

Con tanta sperimentazione anche tu potrai far parlare i tuoi contenuti! Nella talk Gennaro ti farà vedere come usare il “SEO Hacking” per posizionare i tuoi contenuti nell’assistente vocale di Google.

Teia Atkins: The Art of Stealing

My first year as a developer I felt like all I did was ask google to do my work for me. And now almost 5 years later I am a WordPress theme developer. The art of stealing explains how I began my career tinkering with pre written code to writing my own widgets, plugins and themes. Research, copy, paste and repeat was my methodology and one anybody can adopt.

Nile Flores: Google Quality Guidelines 101 for WordPress Bloggers

Google is always changing up it’s algorithms. It’s not because Google wants to keep you on your toes, but Google wants you to put your best foot forward.

In order to do that, they’ve put together Quality Guidelines and have started to enforce them. So… what does that mean for the website owner?

I’m going to go over a checklist of things you should be doing with your WordPress blog. Some of it is about site speed, security, and content. Hopefully this checklist will help you understand what you should be doing for your website.

Mike Hale: Amp it UP! Using Google Accelerated Mobile Pages with WordPress

Google is pushing Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) in a big way. AMP pages restrict what you can do all for the sake of performance on mobile devices. In this talk we’ll cover the basics of AMP, how it’s different than mobile-ready and responsive design, and the plugins you’ll need to take advantage of AMP on your WordPress site.

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