Jenny Munn: The SEO Holy Grail of Ranking on Page 1- Featured Snippets

What is a featured snippet and why should you care? If you woke up today thinking you can succeed in SEO doing the same thing you did yesterday, you would be wrong. In 2019, the answer to ranking at the top of Google and driving more traffic is this: optimize for featured snippets (aka “Position 0.”). Come to this session and find out what featured snippets are and how to optimize for them, how to start showing up for voice search, and how to drive more traffic without creating new content or getting more backlinks.

Christine Laikind: Ways Marketers can Improve SEO with Web Accessibility

When a website is inaccessible, it is not just an issue of compliance, it is just bad practice on display. People with disabilities ranging from blindness, deafness, dyslexia and others may navigate and consume content in different ways with assistive technology (like screen readers, captioning or joy sticks). Therefore it is not that difficult to understand why lack of accessibility negatively impacts SEO. Web accessibility is not just for developers, it is just as important for marketers to make it part of their digital marketing to ensure that opportunities for success aren’t missed.

Bobby Kircher: Optimal Site Structure for SEO

Did you know that website structure is good for your visitors and for SEO? We’ll discuss why having a good site structure helps visitors find your content and inform search engines what your content is about. We’ll discuss the how to configure WordPress for optimal site structure, what plugins to use, and the difference between categories and tags.

Attendees will learn about the two different types of site structure, what search engines look for, and most importantly why good site structure is good for usability. We’ll dig into designing permalink structure, slugs, and breakdown taxonomies and when to use them appropriately. This session will help both developers and users understand how to best structure their websites for both visitors and search engines.