Sarah Rennick: WooCommerce Troubleshooting Basics

When there is a problem on your WooCommerce store, knowing where to start in finding the solution can be overwhelming.

I’ll give you an overview of WooCommerce troubleshooting basics, including real life examples, and by the end of this session you’ll be equipped with the tools to track down and solve common WooCommerce issues – from payment problems to display issues.

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Rahul Nagare: Securing WooCommerce without scaring customers

Securing WooCommerce can sometimes feel like a moving target. In this session, We will review some easy and actionable steps for securing your store without annoying or scaring off customers. You’ll also learn to integrate free services that will improve the security of your website or store.

This session will help you find answers to these common questions:
1. Do I need to worry about security? I don’t get that many visitors.
2. My site keeps getting hacked, what should I do?
3. Do I need to do anything if I am using managed hosting?

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