Sean Conklin: Developing with WooCommerce

Considered adding the official open-source eCommerce system to your WordPress site? Learn about how to do it right, whether you are selling products, services, subscriptions, events, memberships, donations, or even doing your invoicing off your website. Understand the benefits of the official theme Storefront and officially sanctioned extensions, as well as popular community plugins and best practices for safe customization with Code Snippets and child theming, even where to use your favorite page builder tools and where you probably shouldn’t plan to use them.

Hazrul Azhar Jamari: Comparing WooCommerce SaaS vs Managed Woocommerce Hosting

Hazrul was the creator behind, a defunct woocommerce-as-a-service product. He feels WooCommerce is really painful for regular people to start a store and hosted platforms like Shopify are taking a lot from Woo’s pie. But have the industry caught up?

This presentation is a comparison of Managed WooCommerce Hosting (Pantheon, Nestify) and WooCommerce-as-a-service solutions (Woocart). It describes similarities and differences, and what it means to the non-techies who wish to use WooCommerce as their tech stack for their e-Commerce business.

And he will also make a comparison between Woocart vs Shopify vs Ecwid and discuss the similarities and differences of each platform.

Is Woocart the answer? Will Woocommerce ever go towards Woo-as-a-service? Perhaps there’ll be more questions than answers. Find out in this talk.

Henry Hoe: Higher Conversion Rate in Your WooCommerce

Henry will be speaking on Conversions, Average Order Value and Average Profit Per Sale to immediately find out what is wrong or lacking with your e-Commerce business to take it to the next level. Listen through this session and implement the actionable information and watch your business double it’s earning for 2019. You don’t want to miss out on this!

Apinya Sirikunchorn: Customizing WooCommerce with WooCommerce Customizer and How to Extend its Functionality

Session นี้จะมาแบ่งปันประสบการณ์ของการพัฒนา WooCommerce Extensions ที่ได้มีโอกาสไปร่วม Contribute กับ Open source และการใช้งานของปลั๊กอิน WooCommerce Customize ว่ามีอะไรน่าสนใจบ้าง พร้อมกับแชร์การ Customize / Extend functions ต่างๆของ WooCommerce ที่ใช้อยู่