Behzod Saidov: Introduction to WP-CLI: Manage WordPress from the command line

“The topic is about powerful tool WP-CLI than can help WordPress developers or power users a lot.

If you manage multiple WordPress websites or multiple environments of a WordPress website, you probably have experienced situations where you need to go through exact same steps on multiple websites. Clicking through wp-admin screens to change settings becomes time consuming. WP-CLI can be used to automate those tasks with ease.

During my presentation I’ll introduce the audience with the command line and WP-CLI, then I’ll go through some of the tasks that can be easily done using this tool. I’ll demonstrate some tasks running them on a sample WordPress website running in local development environment. Demonstrations will include tasks like pulling back the database to lower environments (qa/staging) and rewriting it, managing users, plugins, etc.”

Vasken Hauri: ElasticPress: It’s more than just search!

“The popular ElasticPress plugin enables anyone to leverage the power of Elasticsearch to supercharge the search experience on their WordPress site. But did you know that ElasticPress can do much more? For example, ElasticPress can surface related posts for your content, speed up the largest WooCommerce installations, and give you industry-leading features like fuzzy matching and autocomplete.

In this talk, we’ll cover the basics of ElasticPress and Elasticsearch, and then dive into some of the cool, lesser-known integrations the plugin offers. We’ll also touch on some free local and cloud-based development options for running an Elasticsearch instance so you can get a feeling for what ElasticPress can do for your site!”