Gonzalo Mata: Ya tengo WordPress: Ahora ¿dónde lo meto?

¿Hosting, Servidor Dedicado, VPS? Actualmente existen miles de proveedores de servicios de alojamiento, más caros, mas baratos.. ¿cual es el mejor para mi Wordpres? Depende.

La idea es dar algunos consejillos que necesitamos tener en cuenta a la hora de escoger una infraestructura para nuestro Website. Lo barato a veces sale caro. Lo caro, no siempre es lo mejor.

Shail Bala Tripathy: Building Communities : The dynamic touch of WordPress

The topic will cover the aspects of how communities are built and what it takes to a person who wants to start a WordPress community from scratch, the talk will involve all the mature WordPress communities of India as well as the new communities which recently joined the list.

Nazmul Hassan: Why should I choose customer support as my career?

My main target is to push newcomers to be a Technical Support Engineer. In my 4 years of experience, I found that most of the person is not ready to be a Support Engineer or Customer Support representative due to some lack about the position. So, this topic will help some people to select Tech Support/Support Engineer as their career. Also, I will describe how a Support Engineer can add value to a company in multiple ways.

Partha Bhattachary: How to Use Content to Make Money with WordPress

For a successful freelancer, the step ahead is to become an entrepreneur, and turn his or her experience into money-making business. Using WordPress along with suitable contents, the transition can be less painful. How to do this? What are the options to go for? How to plan and create contents that help? Find answers to these and more in my talk.