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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Adding Facebook Pixel to WordPress
    While Facebook offers amazing advertising capabilities to publishers of all shapes and sizes, on the other hand, WordPress is considered to be the easiest, quickest and most efficient way of starting a business online. However, if you want to get the full value out of Facebook's advertising capabilities to boost up ... read more
    Source: WP MayorPublished on 2018-02-23
  • Uncode Theme: How to Use Stunning Visual Experiences to Showcase Your Creative Work
    There are WordPress themes that enable you to build attractive pages and websites. There are others that take you a step further. They do so by enabling you to create stunning visual experiences. Uncode is such a WordPress Theme. We live in a visual world, and our brains, which can ... read more
    Source: WP MayorPublished on 2018-02-21
  • Deposits For WooCommerce Review: How To Accept Deposits On WooCommerce
    Need a solution that lets you accept deposits or payment plans on your WooCommerce site? This comes in helpful if you’re selling big-ticket items, using WooCommerce for bookings, or plenty of other more site-specific situations. WooCommerce doesn’t offer that functionality by default. But with the right plugin, you can start ... read more
    Source: WP MayorPublished on 2018-02-19
  • A WP Toolkit That Does All the Heavy Lifting for You
    Great software should work with little configuration and setup. WordPress is designed to get you up and running and fully functional in no longer than five minutes. - WordPress Philosophy I personally strive for simplicity, hate wasting time and want nothing less than what I have been promised. That is ... read more
    Source: WP MayorPublished on 2018-02-16
  • 15 Best WordPress eLearning Themes in 2018
    2018 has seen a significant jump in the expectations from e-learning themes. The bar is set higher than ever. Read on to find out which e-learning themes measure up to these standards! ... read more
    Source: WP MayorPublished on 2018-02-14
  • 10 Best WordPress Templates for Cryptocurrency Blog: 2018 Edition
    When someone dubbing oneself Satoshi Nakamoto launched the first cryptocurrency back in 2008, nobody knew it would boom in the 2010s. Since then, Bitcoin’s exchange rate grew from $0.0008 to more than $10,000. Currently, the number of Bitcoin transactions constitutes over 10 million per month. No doubt, if you’re into ... read more
    Source: WP MayorPublished on 2018-02-12
  • 5 Ways to Set Your WordPress Site’s Marketing to Autopilot
    WordPress is powerful enough to help you launch your business online. Due to the wide array of options and features available in the platform, you can actually automate most of the tasks involved in marketing your website. As a result, you can save time by putting the heavy lifting of creating and ... read more
    Source: WP MayorPublished on 2018-02-07
  • WP Event Manager Offers Full-Featured Event Management
    WP Event Manager is a lightweight, scalable, and full-featured event listing and management plugin for WordPress. Compatible with any WordPress theme, the plugin allows for both frontend and backend event submission and listings. Administrators can post and manage their own events on the backend of WordPress, while you can optionally ... read more
    Source: WP MayorPublished on 2018-02-05
  • Top 9 Shared Web Hosts Below $3 a Month
    Every newbie has a lot of confusions while choosing a web hosting services for their first blog. Many of them are unable to afford costly web hosting and look for a good as well as a cheaper web hosting service. And when it comes to cheaper web hosting, shared web ... read more
    Source: WP MayorPublished on 2018-02-02
  • 10 Best Real Estate WordPress Themes in Early 2018
    I think that it is not a secret that real estate business is one of the profitable ones. However, there is also a lot of money spent on the advertisement, promotion, etc. In fact, in this article, we will show you how can you save some money and get more ... read more
    Source: WP MayorPublished on 2018-01-31
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